Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Harpoon Sidesteps the Jihad (Again)

There goes old smoothy Harpoon Siddiqui again, pretending he doesn't know that Islam allows for no separation of the theological and the political, and blaming the West for the woes of the Muslim world, ones which won't go away just because Osama's gone to the Velvet Touch massage parlor in the sky:
In reality, his was a small, albeit lethal, network. His real power lay in voicing the grievance of Muslims. He did so in the religious terminology that Muslim protest movements have used through the ages.
The West concentrated on his theology. Muslims ignored it, knowing him not be a religious scholar, but found emotional sustenance in his political message. The U.S. launched wars in which tens of thousands of Muslims were killed, maimed and displaced. And it descended into torture chambers. That, more than bin Laden, fanned more jihadism.
Got that? Fighting back against the jihad caused more jihad.

Guess Harpoon would prefer us kafirs to sit back and let the jihad wash all over us, like a totalitarian tidal wave. No can do, buckaroo. No. Can. Do.

Update: Oddly enough, the Muslim Brotherhood's thinking sounds more or less in synch with Harpoon's:
Above all, the MB’s Arabic-language statement “confirms that the legitimate resistance against foreign occupation, for any country is a legitimate right guaranteed by divine law and international convention,” in reference to America’s presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. By supporting violence against America’s troops in Muslim lands, the MB essentially defends the al-Qaeda campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The text also instructs the United States to stop its intelligence operations in Muslim lands, the key source of information that led to bin Laden’s killing. It furthers support the “legitimate resistance” of Palestinian groups against Israel, and tells the U.S. to do the same.

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