Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Human Rights' Sideshow

An "anti-poverty activist" cites some of the sob stories that belong in our mega-expensive shrine to victimhood:
..I met Sweety, a gentle 14-year-old, who had been forced into marriage at 13 and set on fire by her abusive husband. Sweety has had many plastic surgeries, and is going to have another operation "so (her) face looks even better," then wants to be a detective to find and help convict men who do these things and are avoiding arrest.
I met Bubly, whose father wanted a boy, and when he got a girl instead, tried to kill her by pouring acid in her mouth and on her feet. Bubly has been cared for by the ASF, has had a lot of operations, and can now eat, talk and go to school. Bubly is 10, and when we were all dancing to music from young South African musicians, Bubly performed a beautiful impromptu traditional dance for us.
These are stories that leave you without words for the acts of atrocity that are done. How can people do these kinds of things to other people... to children?
These are stories that the World's Children's Prize organization tells, each year. These are stories the Canadian Museum for Human Rights can tell, on a worldwide scale...
Sounds ghastly--like a modern version of a carny freak show that provides an enjoyable frisson of shock and horror, and keeps the freakish at arm's length.

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