Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jack's Money Shot (Him as P.M.) Still To, Er, Come?

Mark Steyn has a great time pretend-trying to reign in the double entendres re the eminently double-entendrable Jack Layton story. Steyn espies the sticky fingers of desperate Liberals all over it and speculates that by releasing Jack's Chinatown hijinks to Sun News TV on the eve of the election (or "erection" as some of the Asian denizens of Jack's cat house are apt to pronounce it), Canada's "natural ruling party" (way down in the polls and sinking fast) thought it could kill two opponents with one smear. It probably won't turn out that way, as Jack bloviates in highest dudgeon about the smearers (rightish Sun News TV, which broke the story) and, with the help of the sympathetic media, manages to sidestep the issue of the cops finding him buck nekkid, with a satisfied smile on his face, in such dubious premises. Comments Steyn:
I gather the NDP spokeslady pointed out that, apropos Mr Layton's Saturday night special, no charges were laid. Isn't that an old vaudeville routine? Because the evidence wouldn't stand up in court? Oh, well. "I went for a massage at a community clinic," Layton told reporters in Burnaby, BC. "The police advised it wasn't the greatest place to be, so I left and I never went back."
Sure. Pity they didn't say the same thing about his appointment at CASMO. Either that, or this is the new Islamist massage parlour and the otherwise attractive hostess has a faint touch of five o'clock shadow as she presents Jack with a souvenir clock showing the time he promised the Taliban he'd pull out by.
When this whole sorry episode is over, Iggy will be telling pretty much the same story to US Immigration about his long vacation: "I went for a quickie in Canada. Shortly after 7pm on Monday night I was advised it wasn't the greatest place to be, so I left and I never went back."
This is the way the Liberal world ends, not with a bang but a ...oh, to hell with it.    
A hell it will be should Canuckis opt for Taliban (Teflon?) Jack's daft 'n' dopey Socialist hopenchange.

Update: The Top Ten services at Jack's stroke room. (My fave: #3--We pull to the left.)

Update: "NDP leader says revelation about 1996 visit to massage parlour no reflection on his character"--whadya know, it is a Vaudeville routine as Jack's rejoinder is: "Me a sleaze? I resemble that inference!" That's our Jack--plugging away and always keeping a stiff upper...whatever.

Update: We're supposed to be impressed when Jack says that, after police pointed out "it wasn't the greatest place to be" he never returned--as if that shows how his eyes were suddenly opened and the huge impact such words had on him. In fact, he couldn't return, because the cops shut down the joint shortly after the raid.

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