Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Hiding Out On the 'Grassy Knoll'?

Jonathan Kay, who wrote a book about the conspiracist phenomenon, writes that that element isn't taking the news of Osama's death very well (largely because they either don't believe he's dead or because they don't believe he ever existed at all):
Osama bin Laden was a murderer on an epic scale and his survival for nearly a decade after September 11 made him the purest and most enduring villain figure in modern American life. As a result, the mythology surrounding him has permeated beyond Islamists and into the ranks of “9/11 Truth” conspiracy theorists, who see him as a creation of the CIA. “I wonder if the people that created Obama’s Birth Certificate will be the same ones that create Osama’s Death Certificate,” wrote one Truther on this morning. Another September 11 conspiracy theorist, Kevin Barrett (who got his conspiracist essay up on the web within just twelve hours of bin Laden’s reported death), claims that the Al Qaeda leaderhas almost certainly been dead since December 2001, when far more reliable reports of his death were published. That means the guy they killed and threw in the ocean must have either been a ghost, or one of Bin Laden’s many reported doubles.” And Cindy Sheehan, the American anti-war activist who famously camped outside George W. Bush’s ranch in Texas, took to facebook to say, “I am sorry, but if you believe the newest death of OBL, you’re stupid. … just put your flags away and THINK!”

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