Thursday, August 25, 2011

CASMO Kool-Aid

I took my keester down to Al Quds Day,
You know to "protest" in the CASMO way.
But when I got down there I saw lotsa angry men
Who'd taken a big swallow of
Hate Potion #10.

The Ayatollah told 'em Jews ain't fine.
The Prophet turned 'em into apes and swine.
And Jews'll soon get theirs come the Armaggedeon.
So take a great big swallow of
Hate Potion #10.

They hoisted their placards and voiced their dismay.
They all hoped that Zion was goin' away.
It smelled like Judenhass and it was quite a display.
They hissed and seethed,
They whooped and swooped,
Like birds of prey.

They didn't know if twelfth imam had come.
Their protest left me feeling cold and numb.
And scapegoating the Jews'll happen
Time and time again
When angry people swallow down their
Hate Potion #10.

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