Saturday, August 20, 2011

NASA Loves Muslims But Hates Humanity

When it isn't busy with its Muslim "feel-good" initiative, NASA is conjuring up sci-fi scenarios about how the other-wordly might react to us humans. According to a NASA study, ETs may very well turn out to be outer-spacey (or outer-spacier) Al Gores who think we humans suck (because of our wicked, carbonesque ways), and who may therefore feel inclined to adopt something of an Adolf Hitler approach to inter-planetary relations, i.e. let's-kill-the-"diabolical"-for-the-greater-good-of-all (call it "redemptive misogyny"). From ABC News:
But this isn't mindless thuggery on behalf of the aliens, and they're not killing us to get at our natural resources, they have a cause. They want to exterminate us for the greater good of the Milky Way.
Yes, they consider us cockroaches. Cockroaches left in charge of increasingly advanced and destructive technology.
Let's face it, with ecosystem destruction on a global scale and greenhouse gases being belched out into the atmosphere at record rates, to a distant alien observer we may look like a destructive civilization spiraling out of control -- and they wouldn't be far wrong.
Therefore, as the ET logic may go, if we're making such a mess of our own back yard, if we venture deeper into space and become a true interstellar civilization, what hope is there that we'll treat the rest of the galaxy (and the other beings in it) with any respect?
As the ET logic may go? What cheek--and what bollocks--to project your own warped worldview onto a whole 'nother life form!

I prefer Rod Serling's take on it.

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