Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Alive!

Lest you think the CJC has been "reorganized" out of existence, a Ceejer (quoted in the National Post) says its executive is waiting in the wings for the "new" Jewish advocacy outfit to fail:
Mark Freiman, president of Canada’s oldest Jewish organization, maintained in an interview from Florida that the congress still exists, adding that its executive is still in place. And one of the congress’ regional chairs went so far as to criticize the make-up of the new centre’s national executive, saying it “does not reflect the socio-economic diversity of the Canadian Jewry” or the “political spectrum of the community.”
“Do I support [the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs]? I can’t really answer that at this point,” Frank Bialystok, the congress’ Ontario region chair, said in a telephone interview from Madrid, Spain. “I have to wait and see what happens as CIJA rolls out. What I can say is that I have not been contacted by the new CIJA. No one from the board, nor the CEO, has contacted me.”
Although there is “some merit to the reorganization of Jewish advocacy in Canada,” he said he is concerned that the CJC’s basic principles — including “broad representation in the community, a commitment to human rights and a strong connection to other religious groups” — will soon “fall by the wayside.”
A commitment to squishy leftism, state censorship, dhimmfied interfaithy encounters ("mmm, your samosas are dee-lish, imam") and our cockamamie "human rights" apparatus, more like--things which should "fall by the wayside," and a big reason why the Ceej was defunded.

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Paul said...

... the writing is on the wall.

Bubble Boy's polls are showing less than 300 votes and he and his cronies are lobbying hard to get his old job back.

...looks like Andrew Cohen et al, are back to being greasy slugs, playing dirty politics once again on the backs of six million Jews slaughtered.

As we've all noticed, even enlisting the services of Jihad Monkey Boy at the Toronto Star to keep Bernie's name out in public in a dishonestly favorable way.

Only lies come out of their mouths. There is the Bnai Brith that fulfills most of the old CJC mandate.

[They really have no shame being such contemptible low-lives.]