Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OnIslam Uses Spectre of 'Islamophobia' to Pimp for Sharia in the U.S.

That new Pew poll may have shown that American Muslims are "satisfied" with their lives in Obama's America, but you'd never know it from reading this onIslam piece. It claims that U.S. Muslims, who are "toning down" their Eid celebrations because of the 9/11 anniversary, are worried that they will be targeted by vengeful/hateful kafirs, a spectre of "Islamophobia" that onislam does its utmost to gin (or jinn) up:
...Other Muslims were worried of possible attacks against their mosques during `Eid celebrations.
"The anti-Muslim wave we are witnessing is really affecting the Muslim community," said Naeem Baig, vice president for public affairs at the Islamic Circle of North America. 
Since the 9/11 attacks, US Muslims, estimated between 6-8 million, have complained of discrimination and stereotypes in the society because of their Islamic attires or identities.
The anti-Muslim frenzy developed widely over the past months over plans to build a mosque near the 9/11 site, resulting in attacks on Muslims and their property. 
Adding insult to injury, Republican Senator Peter King fuelled anti-Muslim sentiments by holding a probe into what he called "radicalization" of American Muslims.
Worse still, lawmakers in at least 15 states have introduced proposals to ban Shari`ah.
Banning sharia is "worse" than "possible attacks on mosques"? Worse than "discrimination and stereotypes"? Worse than "the anti-Muslim frenzy"?

That one assertion prettty much tells you all you need to know about this Islamist website.

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