Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CBSC Rules: Get Yer Fatwa For Nothing and Yer Jihad For Free

Reversing an earlier fatwa, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has ruled that the 1984 Dire Straits hit "Money For Nothing," which has the word "faggot" in its lyrics, is fit for public consumption. The broadcasting caliphs have decided that, on second thought and in the context of song, the word is not intended as a slur against gays. So all you Canucki broadcasters out there can now spin the song to your heart's content, knowing that you won't be penalized for your "hate crime."

However, Canadians should realize that the CBSC ruling which held that it's okay for a Holocaust-denying Pakistani imam to beseech the faithful to wage jihad in the context of the Koran (there was a humongous one open on a desk in front of him when he spoke the words) because he didn't really mean for them to, you know, go out and actually wage actual jihad--well, that sucker still stands.

Update: Hilariously, the CBSC has ruled that this song (broadcast by the York University radio station) does not stereotype but contains "an offensive word."

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