Sunday, August 28, 2011

St. Jack the Cynicism-Slayer?

He "vanquished the cynicism that corrodes our political life," claimed Stephen Lewis in his heartfelt if sick-making eulogy for a fallen Socialist warrior-saint. (Did you catch the part where Lewis quoted novelist Arundhati Roy, a fire-breathing hard leftist who loathes both the U.S. and Israel--how perfect was that?)

Sure, Jack was an affable bloke, but did he really, as his lugubrious eulogizer asserted, slay the "corrosive" behemoth?

Well, no. That's a bunch of swoony bombast. Thankfully, our political life remains more or less the same as it ever was. For that matter, so do Socialists and the media jackals who reverence them. To paraphrase another litterateur--Oscar Wilde--re cynicism: An NDPer is a person who knows the price of nothing and the "value" of the government doing everything.

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Ms. Doubt49 said...

and Lewis's Social Democrat MANIFESTO references? 3/4 of the people applauding had not a clue of what he was really saying.