Friday, August 26, 2011

Talk About Unwatchable

Stephen Lewis will deliver the eulogy at Saint Jack's funeral. (He calls Layton's death "a staggering loss.") Ick!

Update: More wretched excess, from CTV News:
There will also be musical performances by singer Steven Page, formerly of the Barenaked Ladies, and Lorraine Segato of Toronto's Parachute Club.
Segato was a close friend of the late NDP leader and his wife, Olivia Chow.
Layton's death has left her mourning the loss of a man whose optimistic outlook inspired others around him.
"He's the enthusiast, he's the dreamer, he's the visionary, he's the guy who is unfailing and unwavering in his belief that this world is simply going to be a better place if we're all open and ready to move to it," Segato told CTV's Canada AM from Toronto on Friday morning.
Segato said she will be performing a gospel version of "Rise Up," a Parachute Club song that was among Layton's favourites.
"What I'm hoping for is that Jack is going to hear me," Segato said...
Gag moi.

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Ms. Doubt49 said...

Just wondering whether Rev. Hawke will now say, Praise Jack! after every prayer? Perhaps the Left will say he was "crucified" by the Right - it's all in the recipe in the making...