Monday, August 29, 2011

Videos From Yesterday's Zesty, Zany Zionhass Rally in Toronto

Found 'em on Shia TV (which calls upon the faithful to "cleanse al Quds of Zionists"). First up, "Sister Karen" of the United Church of Canada. A useful idiot of the first order, she gushes to the Khomeinists that, "We need you. We need you." (Yeah, like a hole in the head--ba dum pum.) Next, here's a rep from the Canadian Arab Federation (eliminationists of a feather flock together, eh?) And, of course, what would an Al Quds Open Mic Day be without noted Khomeinist and former editor of ex-pat Khomeinist rag, Crescent--ladies and jellybeans, put your hands together for the comedic stylings of daffy Zafar Bangash! What a tough act for Ayatollah loyalist Sheikh Hamza Sodagar to follow, but he gives it that old (really old) school try. (Get a load of the dude standing to his right, the one in the red Che Guevara t-shirt holding up a photo of Khomeini--priceless, no?)

As a bonus, here's United Church Minister Bruce McIntosh speaking at the Khomeinists' Al Quds Day Seminar held (on city property) on the 26th. (Boy, those UCCers are thick as sludge.)

Update: The rally was supposedly all about the poor, suffering Palestinians, and yet there was nary a word about what Syria's Assad is doing to them

Odd, that. (That's sarcasm, of course. It would be odd only if Al Quds Day were really about the Palestinians--which it is not--and not about eliminating Israel--which it most definitely is; Israel, that insult to Islam, was described as a "cancer" yesterday by the "eloquent" cleric and as "parasitical" by daffy Zaffy--echoing the sentiments of a Third Reich eliminationist.)

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