Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fatah and Hamas are in Bed Together. Why are We Still Sending Them Our Dough?

Canada invested a whole lot of money in Mahmoud Abbas's PA "justice" system and to train his police. That looks to have been a waste of good money, though, now that that Fatah has hooked up with terrorist/jihadist/eliminationist Hamas. In light of this marriage made in Hades, is Canada planning to cut off the cash?

Good question, one of many, in fact, posed by Rhonda Spivak which the government refuses to answer.

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LaFantintheRoom said...

I don't really care if they sleep in separate beds, in separate bedrooms on opposite sides of the the universe. ... (In fact, that's not really a bad idea).
But they don't separately or individually deserve a dime.
History has shown that the only time you can speak to these morons is when they are flat broke. ... So, why not keep them that way.