Monday, August 29, 2011

Negative Review of 'My Idiot Brother' Weirdly Positive

Toronto Sun film critic Liz Braun objects to the flick on political grounds:
It's slow, vaguely preachy and filled with characters who are impossible to like. And it's weirdly Republican, if a movie can be so described -- everything about the left-leaning sister's values and parenting style are mocked, for example, and there are funny little details throughout that are worrisome. The villainous ex-girlfriend loves the Dixie Chicks? An ill-advised pregnancy has a fairly tale happy ending? Handing a wad of cash to a stranger on the subway is funnier if the stranger is a black guy? These are the questions you'll be asking yourself in the dark.
Somehow I doubt it. And, actually, I had no intention of seeing the movie until Liz described it--enticingly--as "weirdly Republican." How did that manage to get past Hollywood's de facto blacklist?

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