Saturday, August 20, 2011

'Israel was expecting a diplomatic tsunami to strike in September, but the problems have come sooner than expected, leaving it ever more isolated in the Middle East'...

...gloats Reuters.

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Carlos Perera said...

As Scaramouche has no doubt gathered from my previous comments on her blog, I am a Burkean pessimist by inclination, and I am specially pessimistic about the West's ability to survive a determined resurgent Islam's onslaught from without at the same time that it is undermined from within by a fifth column of Gramscian Marxists masquerading as "progressives" (which definitely sounds better than Gramscian Marxists in the ears of the general public).

In the particular case of Israel, my Burkean pessimism is flirting with despair (though I'm not quite there yet, or I would not be writing these words). I honestly don't believe that Israel is likely to survive another Obama Presidential term. the tone of the Reuters article is definitely one of barely contained gloating, but the gist of it is nevertheless accurate: Israel is becoming increasingly isolated geopolitically--secondary to the "Arab spring" -- and diplomatically. No small beleaguered state, no matter how valiantly its people defend themselves, is likely to survive. (Think Massada: The Zealots there were as brave as Spartans and, per Josephus' account, rivals to them in martial skill; yet they lost, _because they were isolated_.)

Is Israel's destruction then inevitable? No, nothing is inevitable until it has already happened. But her survival depends--largely--on the 2012 American Presidential election. That means that friends of Israel have got to marshall their resources to defeat Obama. Those who cannot stomach the social conservatism of the Republican candidate field--admittedly not a problem, rather a plus, for me--must choose between advancing the Leftist social agenda in the U. S. and Israel's continued existence. This last is not just a metaphor: If Israel is overwhelmed by the hostile Moslem forces aligned against it, its destruction will be literal--and dreadful--beyond the imagining of most Westerners who did not personally experience the horrors of World War II.