Friday, August 19, 2011

"Smart" Is Stupid

Obama's "smart power" isn't so smart, says Max Boot of contentions. You can say--or sing--that again, Max:

You've gotta have "smart".
We were told we needed "smart".
So that "smart" guy B. Obama's installed
That's when it all falls apart.
You've gotta want "change".
Gotta go and rearrange.
Give your power and your money away,
"Shut up and obey" won't seem so strange.
You've just gotta want "change."
Mister, you're no Harry Truman,
A plain-speaker from the Plains.
You were proffered as a new man
Who would save us with his "brains"
(What were we thinking and/or drinking?)
You've gotta have "smart".
You can't buy it at WalMart.
It is found, they say, at the Ivy League
Where it's agreed "smart" got its start.
Thanks a lot, shove your "smart"...

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