Sunday, August 28, 2011

Harpoon's Kind of Jew

In his hatchet job on Ron Banerjee, the vocal anti-jihadist Hindu who helped spearhead the anti-mosqueteria protest, Harpoon Siddiqui once again uses his favorite Jew as his go-to guy:
In January, when the JDL made common cause with a racist British group, the English Defence League, Banerjee was at their Toronto rally, which was opposed by the Canadian Jewish Congress. Bernie Farber, then CEO, said: “When extremists come together, we all too often get a combustible reaction. . . . Using the tactics of hooligans, whether from the right or the left, is appalling.”
Yes, it's far better to sit down with "friends" (like Harpoon, a hooligan with words) at a convivial interfaith repast of falafels and samosas (or at a convivial anti-hate confab). Just make sure not to mention that pesky Jew-state if you don't want the amiability to melt away before your eyes--like an evil, green-faced broad encountering a bucket of water.

Bernie Farber: Official Jew emeritus, political candidate, pal of Harpoon--and pre-eminent "sha, shtil" Canucki Jew of our time.

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Paul said...

... as has been previously noted, Bernie Faber's career corpse may be dead, but is still not buried.

[at least as far as Haroon Stinkyqui is concerned.]