Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Globe and Mail Catches Up With Moi

Not to toot my own bugle or anything, but it's about time someone in the mainstream media cottoned onto the problems inherent in that "human rights" mausoleum--something I've been yakking about for, well, forever. The Globe and Mail's Ira Basen takes a look at the ill-conceived behemoth and discovers (quel surprise!) that its plans to "bring Canadians together" by telling their "human rights" "stories" has rapidly devolved into a divisive pissing match between victim groups. Holocaust scholar Prof. Michael Marrus says he warned mausoleum powers-that-be of what might ensue, but they didn't listen:
I told them, 'You are asking for trouble because you have no way, once you have collected all these stories, of determining which ones you want to represent. How do you tell someone that their story isn't going to be as important as someone else's story?
Good question. Too bad the "Asper"-ation took precedence over common sense and good judgement. Now this latest "human rights" monster has taken on a life of its own--and it's too late to stop it.

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