Thursday, August 25, 2011

Orange You Glad the Jack Layton Tributes Are So Tasteful and Low-Key?

The latest instance of over-the-top Layton grief kitsch--the mighty Niagara Falls are to be turned into a promo for Jack's political party (h/t BCF).

Why stop there? I say we mix the world's supply of orange Kool Aid into the Great Lakes.


Ms. Doubt49 said...

I had an orange for breakfast and I bowed my head (had to pick something up from the floor)... not so easy to swallow a slice of orange with a bowed head.. so that is my memorial bit for Jack.

scaramouche said...

I had a kumquat and did the same.

Neo Conservative said...

"ms. doubt49 says... that is my memorial bit for Jack"

i think i'm just gonna go get a blowj, er... a shiatsu... instead.

that's covered by ohip... right?