Thursday, August 18, 2011

Silly Green Keener Thinks Suzuki Nod is a Selling Point

A young'un writing on the Ontario Liberal site wants folks to know that, unlike those dumb old Conservatives, her enlightened party "gets" climate change. Why, even David "We're All Maggots" Suzuki sez so:
In December of 2009, I attended the Copenhagen UNFCCC COP-15 talks on climate change with a delegation of young liberals. Around the world, nations sat at the same table to discuss how to address climate change. There were many people there who criticized Canada’s obstructionist role with a Conservative government who did not care. Upon finding out that I was from Ontario, they knew that at least the Ontario Government “got it”. As an Ontarian I was rightfully proud – the federal government didn’t “get” climate change, but Ontario did. Ontario is known world-wide for its record on everything from education to healthcare, but in particular, Ontario’s green energy policies have put us side-by-side with green energy leaders such as Germany and Denmark.
“Ontario guy” David Suzuki is not just optimistic about the province’s leadership on the green energy and environmental fronts; he’s come out and endorsed the Ontario Liberal plan! ...
Were I involved in the Tory campaign and wanted to show how out to lunch the Liberals are (out to lunch on the taxpayers' tab, that is), I would publicize the crap out of that.

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