Friday, August 26, 2011

CASMO Wins--For Now

The CASMO Khomeinists, like Khomeinists back in Iran (same Khomeinists, different venue) long to expunge "Zionism" (that is, Jewish Israel) from the map; that's what their Al-Quds Day is all about. And yet, the City of Toronto is allowing them to go ahead and hold one of their A-Q celebrations on city property, over the mayor and his brother's stong objections. Is this, as Eye on a Crazy Planet writes, a "pyrrhic victory" for the CASMO creeps, or will their utterly risible claim to be anti-anti-Semitism (a clear-cut case of downright, outright taqiyyah) enable them to be seeming to comply with "the City's updated anti-Discrimination Policy, which requires that groups using city property comply with the principle of promoting respect, tolerance and diversity," and will the cunning ones, the Mahdi mavens, the Ayatollah's a-holes, thus get
carte blanche to continuing spewing their Zionhass in city-owned venues? Time alone will tell.

Update: Don't expect CASMO to get the heave-ho--not with Usma Shakir as the city's gatekeeper. (She's "Director of the City's Office of Equity, Diversity and Human Rights"--good grief and heaven help us!)

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