Friday, December 2, 2011

Making Spirits Bright (for the Fight)

My amiga Closet Conservative took copious notes on her laptop during last night's Steynapalooza at Holy Blossom temple and generously shared them with me and other "Islamophobe" (iPhobe) bloggers. (We were seated in the same row, and because we had basically opened up the joint, we had excellent seats and a bird's-eye view of Steyn and his interlocutor, Dr. Elliott Malamut.)  A capacity crowd turned out to hear the Great One rail and thunder and crack wise. The crowd demographic definitely favoured the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers, but I was delighted to see that my brilliant, adorable, university-bound nephew was there. Like most of his peers, he leans leftward, but when, post-talk, I asked what he thought about Steyn, he replied, "He was good." Which, since you don't know my nephew, may sound tepid verging on the indifferent, but which, knowing him as I do, is actually high praise indeed; he's even planning to read After America, so there's hope yet for the up-and-coming generation.

Since she's the gal who recorded it all, I'll let CC take care of the live-blogging. As for me, I think I'll rework one of the songs on Mark's lastest Christmas CD (makes a great holiday gift for left-and-right-wingers alike!) a la After America:

Have yourself a scary little future.
Give yourself a fright.
Lefty EUnuchs over-spending's out of sight.
Have yourself a scary little future,
Jew-hate's on the rise.
And it wears a fleecy "human rights" disguise.

Once again as in evil days,
Bad Medieval days of yore.
Human beings in a darker age,
Jihad's full of rage--and gore.
Someday soon we'll all run out of money.
Will the madness end?
All we do is spend and spend
And spend and spend.
So have yourself a scary little future, friend.

Here we are in techy age,
iPhones all the rage, apps too.
See 'em tweeting and texting tons,
It's all our daughters, sons seem to do.
While they're all so busy socializing
Threat has flown sky-high.
Will they even notice things have gone awry?
So have yourself a scary little future (sigh).


Mrs. Pinkerton said...

Love the song--brilliant! I hope Steyn records that one for his next album, if civilzation hasn't imploded by then.

scaramouche said...

Thanks. I think an entire album of "Steyn Sings Scaramouche" would be to die for.

Andrew Lawton said...

Great seeing you again Scaramouche!

scaramouche said...

Great to see you too, Andrew. I thought Steyn was in fine form last night--both withering and witty (my favourite combo).