Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Unveiled," a One Woman Show in Chicago, Castigates Americans for their Unfounded "Islamophobia"

Proving yet again that the best defence is a good offence--one which slanders an entire nation of kafirs, thereby obviating any need to address the problematic aspects of Islam that engender terrorism, tyranny and megalomania. From onislam:
CAIRO – Depicting a decade of negative portrayal of American Muslims in the post-9/11 era, a new play will go on stage on Friday, March 30, to draw real-life Muslim experiences.
“After 9/11, when I got together with Sikhs or Hindus and other peoples of culture, everyone seemed to have a story to tell,” Rohina Malik, who is of Indo-Pakistani heritage, told The Record on Tuesday, March 27.
Tired of the negative portrayals of Muslims in the media post 9/11, Malik was prompted to write a play reflecting this experience.
In her one-woman show, Unveiled, she creates the character of a Pakistani seamstress to tell the story.
The 35-year-old Chicago-based playwright and actress said the concept of the play comes from an expression in the Qur’an, which asks people to remove the veil from their heart...
Remove it from their hearts...so they can put it on chicks' heads? No doubt she'll find a receptive crowd of guilt-ridden lefties for her cockamamie message in this most leftist of cities.

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