Saturday, March 24, 2012

Transgendered Contestent Pulled from Canucki Miss Universe Pageant

Human rights complaint coming in five, four, three....:
The Miss Universe Canada organizers concede Jenna Talackova is a “real girl,” but that doesn’t mean they will let her in their beauty pageant.
Talackova, a Vancouver native, will not be competing in this year’s Miss Universe Canada pageant because she was born a male.
According to Denis Davila, national director of Miss Universe Canada, the rules set by the Miss Universe franchise state that each contestant must be a “naturally born female.”
According to Davila, Talackova claimed on her registration form she was born a female. He said he suspected otherwise and asked her about it on Mar. 13, when she admitted she was not.
She was pulled from the contest the same day... 

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