Saturday, March 31, 2012

Obama Mambo Jumbo

The LCBO has been running ads on the radio featuring a Rosemary Clooney sound-alike (or it may be Rosie herself--it's hard to tell) singing "Mambo Italiano"--so you can blame this one on the liquor peddlers:

Hey, mambo!
Mambo Barack Obam', oh,
Hey, mambo!
Mambo Barack Obam', oh.
No, no, no, don't win another one, no!
Second term is a non-starter
Like it was for Jimmy Carter.
Hey, mambo, he act kinda demagogic
Hey, mambo, he don't have a lotta logic.
Hey, mambo! Mambo Barack Obam', oh.
Bibi N. he cannot stand, oh,
He no heed B.O.'s commandments.
But that Erdogan--
Now, he's Obama's kind of man.
The kind of guy he cannot resist, see,
He's Islamist-y.
(Wanna know B.O.'s MO?
You shaft your friends and hug your foe...)

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