Thursday, March 29, 2012

All He Is Sayin' Is Give an Unrepentant Jihadi/Kafir-Killer a Chance

This clueless letter appears in the National Post:
Re: If Omar Khadr Sat Down Beside You On A Flight -, letter to the editor, March 23.

Letter-writer Douglas Bland's fear of Canadian-born, former child-soldier Omar Khadr is puzzling. He speculates that if returned and released in Canada, Omar Khadr would pose a violent threat to our community.

Why? Khadr was involved in a conflict in Afghanistan, not Smith Falls, Ont. Surprisingly given his circumstances, I haven't read any reports that he has uttered threats against Canada or Canadian citizens.

However, like Maher Arar, I wouldn't be surprised that he feels betrayed by Canada. I would expect that he feels resentment as the Harper government ignored international laws and its treaty obligations and left him to languish in solitary confinement at Guantanamo Bay prison.

As with Mr. Arar, I would expect Khadr, upon release, to quietly seek restitution, and then to carry on with his fractured life and education in a typical Canadian fashion. Just maybe if we show some compassion, he might demonstrate that the cup is half full.

D.B. Wilson, Port Moody, B.C .
I'd like to respond to the compassionate D.B.--via rhyme:

Hug a jihadi today.
It is the Canadian way. 
If "Allahu Akbar!" he'll scream
Buy him a cup of ice cream
And tell him that it's okay.

D.B.'s cup runneth over with unfounded compassion

Update: The Americans are ready to ship him home, but the Canadian government seems in no great haste to accept him. The Ceeb, which is full of compassion for little Omie, of course, says Khadr is "frustrated," and, furthermore,
...patience is wearing thin.
"We've been patient enough," [Khadr's Pentagon-appointed lawyer, Lt.-Col. Jon] Jackson said. "If he's not back by the end of May, I think there are going to be serious problems."
More than anything, another source said, Khadr wants to be reunited with his mother and other family members in Toronto.
"The most important thing for Omar is family — to be with (his) mom, to be with his grandma," the source said.
It's so touching. I think I'll go cry into my pillow now.

Omie's mishpacha (shown in '08) can hardly wait for his return

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