Tuesday, March 27, 2012

German Court Embraces Sharia in Resolving Civil Case

Who needs sharia courts when kafirs are perfectly willing to use the flawless law on their own volition?
A court in Germany decided to resolve a dowry dispute between two Turkish families in accordance with the rules of Islam, Anatolia news agency reported.
The family of the groom, who had passed 12,000 euros worth of gold onto the bride, sued the bride's family to take the money back after the couple got a divorce two months after the wedding. The court ruled against the groom's family, stating that the money given to the bride was to provide financial security for life according to the laws of Islam.
Post-marriage protection for a divorced woman is compatible with the German constitution, a spokesman for the court said, but would not say whether the same ruling would have been made if both families were non-Muslims.
Not today, maybe, but give it a few years.

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