Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Religion Was Not Mohamed Merah's Problem; Nor Was Politics," Says "Swiss Muslim Thinker" Tariq Ramadan

His problem, clearly, was pathological Jew-hate, but smooth, crypto-Salafist Tariq wants you to think he wuz depraved on account of he was deprived.

Update: Re religion not being Mohamed's problem...:
Rachid Merah said his brother Mohamed last visited him in April 2010, and that he was seeking to learn more about Islam and to find a wife.
"He was disappointed because he did not want to join a zaouia. He was a man of action, a Salafi," the 35-year-old said.
Zaouias are traditional orders of mystical Sufi Islam that are anathema to conservative Salafi Islamists, followers of a puritanical interpretation of Islamism.
"I spent five days with him. He had a strange look, with hair painted yellow," he said. "He was very pious, fasting several days a week, a genuine Muslim."

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