Friday, March 23, 2012

Trust Obama to Tap a Gent With Absolutely No Experience in Banking, Economics or Financial Policy as His Nominee to Helm the World Bank

Obama's nominee does, however, have tons of experience in another sphere:
An infectious disease specialist, [Jim Yong] Kim helped found a Boston-based nonprofit called Partners in Health that trains community health workers in developing countries to make home visits to treat diseases like TB. Kim also directed the World Health Organization’s department of H.I.V./AIDS.
That Obama thinks this dude would make a good WB chief is evidence of how much this president despises banks and bankers in particular and capitalism in general.

Update: How's this for Obama optics? With gas prices in the U.S. now the highest in history, he stands in front of a bunch of pipe and says he approve it.  At the same time time, however, he is doing nothing to try to hook up said pipe to where the oil is--in Canada. Which renders this particular bit of pipeline inert and useless, though of inestimable value to Obama from a PR standpoint. And the maddening/laughable thing is his "new" approval will be heralded in the media and will likely fool many Americans who will take Obama's pipeline "news" at face value, and credit him for trying to tackle exhorbitant gas prices (when, in fact, that couldn't be further from the truth).

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