Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Pick for the Obama Re-election Campaign Theme Song

A Meat Loaf song for a Meathead (for having Obamas as POTUS is akin to a Michael Stivic presidency).

Update: Meathead's ex, a.k.a. Gloria Bunker Stivic, a.k.a. Sally Struthers, is currently plying the dinner theatre circuit as the title character in Hello Dolly!

Wouldn't it be great if its showstopper could be adapted for Derrick Bell's beamish protege?

Well, hello, Barry,
Whadya know, Barry?
Won't be nice if you're back in
After the vote.
You're dancing hard, Barry,
Play your card, Barry,
Say you sorta like that Keystone,
On it you do dote.
You're blowing smoke, Barry.
It's a joke, Barry.
The Alinsky ruse has got you in some ruts,
Golly gee, Barry,
Your record's full of infamy, Barry.
Barry they hate Obamacare.
Barry you golf and aren't there.
Barry we swear won't miss you when you're gone.

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