Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Away to the Camptown Races: Imam Rockwell Disses Jooos, Deedat, Deedat...

I hope the Oakley Show will post the audio of the, ahem, lively discussion this morning between Ezra Levant and Imam Steve "The Splenetic" Rockwell. It was quite possibly the funniest and most flagrantly anti-Semitic hour of broadcasting I've ever heard. The imam was there to answer questions about that Muslim marriage guide which counselled mild to moderate wife beating. He did so by: claiming such words aren't part of Islam, but are "tribal"; quoting a Jewish prayer recited by men thanking the Almighty for making them men; insisting that whatever was in that book was borrowed from Jewish teachings/part of (surprise, surprise!) a larger Jewish conspiracy. The imam also gave thumbs up to polygamy in Canada, and claimed that Canada's Constitution is--I kid you not--based on sharia.

In other words, same old Imam Rockwell.

If and when the audio becomes available, I'll post it. Until then, hearken back to another time (nearly a year ago) when Ezra and the imam had a bit of a dust up--on that occasion over some "provocative" 'toons:

TORONTO - “Why doesn’t he show his Jewish cousins being fried by the Nazis?” — Imam Steve Rockwell.
Ezra Levant said the first time he published the controversial Danish cartoons it was because they were “news.” This time it was for “freedom.” Levant didn’t apologize either time.
And there is more calling it as he sees it to come.

“This is a free country and I am prepared to show them everyday if that helps people understand that,” he said in an interview just after his new show, The Source, debuted on the Sun News Network Monday. He displayed the 12 controversial Muhammad cartoons.
When he ran the Jyllands-Posten drawings that some Muslims felt were disrespectful to the prophet Muhammad in his Western Standard Magazine five years ago, he was “prosecuted” by the Alberta Human Rights Commission which deemed his actions as hate.
When he showed them on his inaugural show, Levant, a columnist, lawyer and broadcaster, drew the ire of prominent Toronto Imam Steve Rockwell of the Downtown Mosque known as the Deedat Centre.
“If he wants freedom of speech why doesn’t he go up to a black man and use the N-word?” asked an angry Rockwell who found Levant’s actions disrespectful. “There is no absolute free speech. With freedom of speech there are rules.”

And Rockwell, who hosts The Call of the Minaret on Vision TV — and will appear Wednesday with Florida Koran-burning Pastor Terry Jones on the John Oakley Show on AM 640 Wednesday — said there are “consequences” for breaking them.
Saying Levant was being discourteous and impertinent to the faith of more than 1 billion people, Rockwell — to make a point — took more shots at Levant’s Jewish roots.

“If he were to show 100 Jews in flames with soap coming out of the other end he would not have a job the next day!” said Rockwell.

But Levant countered the difference between anti-Semitic cartoons and these ones.

“Anti-Semitic cartoons run in newspapers around the world all the time,” he said. “If they were the cause of riots and 200 people dying you are darn right I would run them.”

He joked he would put down his “smoke meat sandwich and cover it in a second.”
I think that gives you a good  idea of the tone and tenor of today's broadcast.

Update: What Steve's mentor, Sheikh Deedat (whose name adorns his mentee's mosque) taught him, and I quote: "Convert them to Islam and the job is done permanently."

Update: FYI, here's the entire Imam Rockwell song:

Imam Rockwell disses Joooos,
Deedat, Deedat.
Ezra L. he tried to bruise
On Oakley today.
Ezra L. he holds his own,
Deedat, Deedat.
Imam Rockwell starts to moan,
Oh, Deedat day.
G'wine to rant and rave.
G'wine to scream and rail.
He'll bet his money on the shari'ah.
That law'll soon prevail.

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