Sunday, March 25, 2012

Following the Toulouse Muders, Stockwell Day Stands Up For and With Jewry

The former Conservative cabinet minister writes (h/t SAH):
Those who allow toxic anti-Semitic thoughts to brew chillingly deep within their depraved hearts and minds must know beyond all doubt that we will not allow Jews to stand,and sometimes perish, alone.
The minds of potential perpetrators,in the nascent stages of their inhuman murderous fantasies, must also be inhabited with images of untold millions of all creeds and cultures linking their arms and hearts around Jews everywhere. We must be visibly unintimidated, unexcusing, utterly unaccepting of any such perversion of thought or action.
Potential and existential murderers must hear the cry of our hearts,the non-Jews of the planet,that we will never accept their perverted machinations. An attack on a Jewish grandchild is an attack on my grandchild. The murder of a Jewish parent is the murder of my parents. When Jews are targeted for destruction,we are all targeted. Let us lift and link our arms together,in plain view,and not just to comfort and console.
As now ‘the bell tolls’ for each of us,so must the sound of our alarms for the protection of innocent Jews be heard without ceasing around the world.
Only then may ‘Never Again’ become a reality.

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