Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Irony of Israeli Pacifists Love Bombing Iran--They are Full of Self-Loathing and a Threat to Peace

Hundreds of Israelis caught up in the heady "We love you, Iran" campaign, a social media sensation, marched in Tel Aviv last Saturday to proclaim their warm feelings for the enemy and to condemn their prime minister's "war-mongering." Contentions' Leo Sapir comments:
Saturday’s demonstration is most remarkable for its curious intellectual undercurrent. The protesters seemed to have expressed a remarkable sense of inflated self-importance that stems from the fallacy that all of the Middle East’s problems are the result of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Contrary to this myth, Israel doesn’t hold the key to regional stability and peace. The blind faith that a little less bellicosity from Israel will solve everything is based on a premise that treats Iranian domestic politics, American interests in Iraq, the destabilization of Syria, the rise of Sunni neo-Ottomanism on Iran’s western front, and Iran’s paranoia over its disgruntled non-Persian minorities as if they were problems that can all be resolved by a wave of the Jewish magic wand.
Beyond the pure naivet√© of assuming that taking the military option off the table will somehow turn down the political temperature of an increasingly heated Middle East, the demonstration exposed beliefs underpinning much of the discourse on the Israeli Left: beliefs in Israel’s ability to control the trajectory of current affairs.
Such assumptions are not only factually unfounded, they are also downright dangerous to peace.
To say the Jewish state pulls the levers of conflict and resolution at its own convenience is to believe the other sides involved in any of the region’s conflict have little, if any, responsibility for how events transpire. The image of Jews having absolute control over international politics (especially in the Middle East) has equally plagued much (though not all) of the criticism toward AIPAC, America’s largest and most influential pro-Israel lobby. Not surprisingly, AIPAC also came under attack on Saturday in the Tel Aviv demonstration, with one malicious sign reading “AIPAC Damn You” surrounded by pictures of skulls.
I think fear of impending nuclear annihilation can do terrible things to the human psyche. That's my explanation for the madness of this particular crowd.

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