Thursday, March 29, 2012

Latest Mad Man Episode Drives Toronto Star Columnist Heather Mallick Right Over the Edge

Not that she needed much of a push, but the sight of all those chicks forced to wear unforgivingly snug 60s frocks (also the loose ones) has pretty much completely unhinged her, poor thing:
Wow, 1966 was so different, I’m supposed to think. Sorry, it looks vaguely familiar to me. Four years ago I’d walk into Zara and feel I was in Sharon Tate’s closet. “She was stabbed in this!” I’d tell an uncomprehending sales assistant. Now I’m being turned into Megan Draper, in constricting sheath dresses and pumps, and about to descend into muumuus, A-line dresses and Lilly Pulitzer florals. “Now I look like Edie Beale!” I say to a 20-year-old who of course has never seen Grey Gardens.
I wish she could have recorded the 20-year-old's reaction. She probably thought poor Heather was menopausal and off her rocker.

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perplexed said...

Poor Heather. When I first knew of her, she was so familiar to me. Then I realized she's the ideal portrayed by men in the 60's to project what would happen to many women when they attained "equality'.