Friday, March 23, 2012

Time to Kill Off the Blood-Sucking, Morally Bankrupt UN Body That Claims to Be Devoted to Human Rights But That Is Actually Addicted to Zionhass

If someone's prepared to bring the garlic and the cross, I'm prepared to bring the wooden stakes.


Carlos Perera said...

One of the main indices of civilizational decline is the inability of a people to come to grip with reality. Thus, the U. S. continues to support the U. N. because of the myth, established at its founding, that only through such a body could the nations of the world find peace. Actually, this was chimeric even at its inception, as even the briefest history of the League of Nations would have made clear, but now it has become a sort of heresy--or, what is worse, a breach of multiculturalist piety--to point out the obvious. "We are doomed," as John Derbyshire is fond of saying.

scaramouche said...

The lesson here: internationalism can be as dangerous to humanity as nationalism and, further, the former is certainly no panacea for the latter.