Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Montreal Rocker a Good Eco-"Sam"aritan

Did you know there's an e-zine called Samaritanmag devoted to the good deeds of celebrities and others? I just happened upon it--and this:
"If David Suzuki could hold a tune, I'm sure they would've asked him," Montreal rocker Sam Roberts quips in an interview with Samaritanmag about his recent appointment by the Canadian Academy of Recordings Arts & Sciences as the Juno Awards first-ever Sustainability Ambassador.
"I think that's gonna be my quote for the rest of this. If you hear it again, it's because that's gonna be my catch phrase," he laughs.
In all seriously (sic), the Juno Award-winning singer-guitarist is a perfect candidate for the title and its obligations. He was first informed of environmentally-friendly practices by his roommate in university and found living that lifestyle was "very simple. It doesn't really take much." All these years later, he continues to implement them, and more.
"There are so many things - from the most small mundane details like the cleaning products and detergent that you use and washing your clothes with cold water and using phosphate-free hand soap and dishwasher detergent, to not flushing the toilet every time we go pee to composting to try to recycle as efficiently as we possibly can," says Roberts.
Canada's biggest music awards show — which takes place in Ottawa this year over two nights, one a private untelevised gala dinner March 31 and one a more concert-like two-hour televised event April 1 — will be using the Canadian Standards Association's event sustainability management standard, CSA Z2010, to guide the design and delivery of the awards and associated Juno events...
In all seriously, I think I just tossed my Bran Buds.

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