Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama On Side With Israeli's Love Bombing of Average Iranians Facebook Campaign

President Barack Obama accused Iran on Tuesday of imposing an "electronic curtain" on its citizens and promised new U.S. steps aimed at helping to ease the Iranian people's access to the Internet, as a social media campaign designed to promote peace between ordinary Israelis and Iranians got underway.

Speaking directly to ordinary Iranians in a video message marking Nowruz, the Persian new year celebration, Obama acknowledged "continued tensions between our two countries," which stem mostly from Iran's defiance over its nuclear program.

But he insisted that Americans want a dialogue with Iranians. "There is no reason for the United States and Iran to be divided from one another," he said.

Obama's overture to the Iranian people was the latest step in Washington's push to ratchet up pressure on Tehran. He has urged Israel to hold off on any attack on Iran's nuclear sites to allow more time for sanctions and diplomacy to work...
Too bad he wasn't supportive of "ordinary Iranians" when they were rebelling and might have had a shot at removing the megolamaniacal nutjobs in charge. (Far too busy trying to reach out to said nutjobs, I guess.)

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