Friday, March 30, 2012

See the Arabs and the Other Rejectionists on Their Hellish Annual "Land Day"--They Got the Moves Like Jagger

It's that annual event--think a mini-Altamount, with jihadists--during which the Zion-rejectionists get to go wild and channel their inner Mick by singing/shrieking this one:

Hey, Jews, get off of "my" land.
Hey, Jews, get off of "my" land.
Don't hang around 'cause two
Can't stand on "my" land, Bibi!

Update: In case you were wondering what the POTUS's former mentor and Zion-loather the Rev. Jeremiah Wright was up to, he's up to no damn good. (H/t: VF) 

Update: Violence mars Palestinian Land Day protest. "Mars"? I rather thought the violence was the whole point of it.

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