Friday, March 23, 2012

Farrakhan's Orient Expressiveness Wows 'Em at Berserkely

When the egregious Jew-hater who heads up the so-called Nation of Islam appeared as an invited guest on that august campus recently, he was a big hit despite this overt bit of racism:
at one point, he “briefly adopted a faux Asian accent and used gibberish after asking the audience if they had ever seen the Chinese picketing, drawing a gasp from some in the crowd.” …
The audience gave Farrakhan a standing ovation at the end.
Well, it would, wouldn't it? After all, it wasn't as though he were an apartheid-practising Zionist or anything. Now, that would have been cause for mass walk-outs/getting pelted with rotten produce and eggs.

Update: The denizens of another august campus display their contempt (via mass walk-outs) for noted Zionist David Horowitz.

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Carlos Perera said...

Farrakhan is black and is fluent in the lingo of victimhood. Horowitz is white, and relies on that outdated Western linear logic stuff to make his arguments. Hence, Farrakhan must be right and Horowitz wrong. QED.