Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today in ICNA News

A former leader of the Islamic Circle of North America (Discover the Networks has a profile about ICNA here) is in a bit of a pickle, reports the Investigative Project:
A former leader and current member of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) may soon be charged with crimes stemming from activities during the 1971 Bangladesh war of independence.
The country's International Crimes Tribunal reportedly will indict Ashrafuz Zaman Khan for the suspected murder of pro-independence intellectuals.
The war divided Pakistan and Bangladesh into two separate nations, but not before Islamist unionists and the Pakistani army launched systematic massacres of civilians and intelligentsia supporting independence.
Khan is alleged to have been an active participant and to have even functioned as an executioner.
Ironically, Khan gave a speech last April during an anti-war rally in New York, in which he decried the harm done by the war on terror...
Yes, that is ironic. I wonder what a leader of ICNA's Canadian branch, the imam with the beard dyed a bright Lucille Ball/Prophet Muhammad red, thinks about the controversy.

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