Friday, March 1, 2013

Bob "The Cheese" Woodward Stands Alone Against America's Pravda-ized Press

I must say I've been experiencing a frisson of pleasure at the sight of Bob Woodward, icon of the leftist press, being pilloried by his former compadres. His crime: he had the audacity to "wander off the Obama-Democrat media reservation," as Arnold Ahlert puts it, by telling the truth about the sequester's provenance (i.e. that it originated with Obama, despite his insistence to the contrary). Now, Bob is getting the cold shoulder and, even worse, feeling the sting of vindictive ideologues who cannot abide a "traitor" in their midst.

It's a measure of how low America's great tradition of reporting has fallen that the word "traitor" is now synonymous with a reporter who refuses to act as a mouthpiece for the all-powerful (too powerful) leader.

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