Friday, March 1, 2013

Will the SCC Ruling on "Hate Speech" Lead to a New Bowlderization of the Bard?

One of the rationales given by the Supreme Court for high-fiving state censorship is that, in brief, free speech leads to hate speech, which has the potential to result in a genocide.

That's right, genocide. Buffalo Bill Whatcott handing out his incoherent scrawls about his aversion to "Sodomites" (it's in the bible--look it up) could, one day down the road, lead Canadians to strip gays of all their rights, force them into ghettos, load them on cattle cars, and liquidate them in death camps.

Of course, an Adolf Hitler for gays would have to be in power, but that's a minor detail. And, hey, after years and years of Bill's giving out his screed door-to-door, you never know, just such a chap could arise.

At this point I might be tempted to cite Shakespeare's line about lawyers--for what is the Supreme Court of Canada but a panel of glorified lawyers?--but I neither want to be accused of illegal "hate" speech nor possibly spark another Holocaust.

No more "hate speech," Will. In a Canada lorded over by "human rights" bullies, one must love all the lawyers

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