Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cameron the Croc Feeder

The Jews of Canada have a friend in Peter Kent, the Conservative cabinet minister who says "We will never cease to stand by the Jewish people."

The Jews of the U.K. and the world have a foe in David Cameron, the British dhimmi weasel P.M. who says--during a visit to Erdogen's Islamified Turkey, no less--that
The Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla was completely unacceptable," Cameron said. In a reference to the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian territory, he said: "Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp.
And, further, that Israel's
commando raid in international waters "cannot be described in any other way but piracy" and wondered why the world acts against hijackings by Somali pirates but remains silent in the face of Israeli actions.
Way to feed the croc, Dave! But guess what? The Jews are but a mere appetizer--no, an amuse bouche--for such a hungry beast. And, unsatiated after consuming what is after all such a tiny morsel, you and yours are going to be his main course.

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Jim R said...

Neville Cameron. When will they every learn?