Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Obesity Fairy Tale

Obie's squeeze, who's on a crusade to slim down America's blubbery youth, thinks she knows who's to blame for fat black kids being, well, fat. (She's quoted in this American Thinker piece). First, there are the "racist" grocers:
For many folks, those nutritious family meals are a thing of the past, because a lot of people today are living in communities without a single grocery store, so they have to take two, three buses, a taxi, walk for miles just to buy a head of lettuce for a salad or to get some fresh fruit for their kids."

M'kay. Second, there are "racist" corner stores which lure unsuspecting kids into their emporia with their enticing, calorie-laden wares (sort of like the witch in Hansel and Gretel):
"...So instead, they wind up grabbing fast food or something from the corner store or the mini-mart -- places that have few, if any, healthy options...And we've seen how kids in our communities regularly stop by these stores on their way to school -- buying themselves sodas and pop and chips for breakfast. And we've seen how they come right back to those same stores after school to buy their afternoon snack of candy and sugary drinks."
As Kevin Jackson, the American Thinker behind the piece comments, dryly and drolly:
I'm just glad that Michelle Obama put the obesity of black children clearly in the hands of those who deserve the blame! In the America where Michelle Obama can finally for the first time in her adult life be proud, you cannot blame black parents or the Progressive policies for fat black kids. Doing that would make you a racist!
And that's just about the worstest thing you can be in the whole entire Prog world.

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