Friday, July 16, 2010

Stars in Their Eyes

Our "human rights" mausoleum wants to pin you. With the humungous tab for its construction and upkeep? Sure thing. But also with an actual pin--a bright, shiny star:
The more actions we take towards building a respectful world, the more humanity shines. Join thousands of others who wear this pin proudly as a symbol of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and of the commitment to "reach for the stars" by promoting and protecting human rights each and every day.
Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights created this beautiful "Shine" pin to remind us to "Reach for the Stars" and:
•Strive for excellence as we build the world's largest human rights museum.
•Shine as a human rights "star" - defending and upholding the rights of all people.
Shine pins remain popular as a gift to celebrate events and holidays and can be seen being worn by thousands of individuals. By wearing your Shine pin, you show your support for the Museum in particular and human rights in general. So please wear your pin proudly and check out some other pin wearers.
Obviously--and ironically--mausoleum officials failed to consider that pushing stars on people in this context could be construed as being somewhat, oh, I dunno, insensitive? Ignorant? Stupid? Ill-advised? You tell me.

Update: BCF calls the star gaffe an "Epic P.R. fail"; FFF is intrigued that Official Jewry hasn't twigged to the really bad optics.

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Revnant Dream said...

This action by these shakedown artists, has to be either the stupidest move Ive seen in a long time. By the smiley faced fascists. The only other thing I could think of was a subtle malevolence in the design done purposely. Hum perhaps the designer was from the "Religion of Camel baggers".
Any way it could be just the usual human drift towards Ineptitude.
Anyway this Marxist edifice to social engineering with its revisionist history should be left a wilderness.
Its one big lie after another by censors.