Friday, July 23, 2010

Loony Tunes

The Globe and Mail has a review of Stephen Harper! The Musical, which it calls "an entertaining romp." Since I haven't seen it, I cannot venture my critical two cent's worth. I would note, however, that it's no Jennifer Lynch! The Musical (if I do say so myself as the author of said Gypsy-esque confection).  Here's my favourite number from the show, a reworking of a Big Band standard.

And for my next musical comedy feat...Iggy! The Musical?

Update: Here's a bit of the theme song as sung by the show's protagonist:

I used to sit and glower
Up in my Iv'ry Tower
Occasionally deigning to descend.
An Iggy Ex Machina
I'm trying to begin a
New chapter here--
Trudeaupia without end...

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