Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vehicular Homicide

The UN is moving ahead with plans to implement recommendations of the Goldstone report, supposedly an unbiased examination of Israel's war in Gaza, but really the latest hammer being used to bludgeon Jewish sovereignty.  At the centre of the report, writes scourge of the UN Anne Bayefsky, is a "blood libel" (hey, you have to go with what works, right?) that whitewashes Hamas and claims that Israel deliberately set out to murder innocent Palestinian civilians. Bayefsky comments:
The Organization of the Islamic Conference, the League of Arab States, and the United Nations apparatus are furiously pretending this is all about law – they call it “accountability” and an “end to impunity.” Not surprisingly, the loudest calls are coming from states that care nothing for either concept when it comes to their own citizens, or accountability for the many heinous acts Palestinians perpetrate on each other.
In reality, of course, from conception, the target of the Goldstone report and its follow-up has always been Israel. Though the battleground has been painted over to look like a courtroom, the battle is political. Today it happens to take the form of a partisan committee charged with investigating the independence of Israel’s own investigations, supported by pro-Palestinian advocates doubling as UN human rights officials.
Sad what's happened to the UN. It started out as a vehicle for preventing another Jewish genocide and, having been comandeered by Israel's enemies, is now being used to facilitate Israel's destruction. A pox on it and them.

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