Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Shocker! Truth-Telling Sighted in the Toronto Star!

It doesn't happen that often, so when someone (in this case someone named Anura Papp) dares to do so in the rag's multiculti-besotted precincts, one must rise and applaud:
...Problematically, most advocates and activists for female victims of abuse shy away from challenging the immigrant communities to examine their own traditions and cultural values in explaining the violence in their homes. The ideology of multiculturalism, even among the most well-meaning advocates for female equality, tends to preclude any discussion of cultural values and traditions. Such advocates are afraid of being seen as “colonialist” and try to avoid a perceived “racialization” of an entire ethnic community.
Such advocates of multiculturalism run amok are afraid to ever imply some cultures are better than others where treatment of women is concerned. So it is much safer, but dishonest, to blame the abuse of women on the “global phenomenon” of women abuse, or settlement issues, or discrimination and racism in the host society. But that ignores values that need to be challenged within some immigrant communities.
In the South Asian communities where traditional values are upheld, honour/shame codes revolve around women’s sexual purity. Aqsa Parvez’s death was a tragedy, but the signs pointing to that tragedy were long evident in the obsessive control of her behaviour exerted in her home. She resisted her family’s attempts at brainwashing her into submission and paid a terrible price.
Question: How many future Aqsa Parvezes are playing in gender-segregated playgrounds in our schools?
To hazard a guess: many. Too many.

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