Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Most Disturbing Commercial on TV?

Last night I watched, alarmed, as a bunch of adorable moppets--call them UNjungend--preached to me about how Canada must fulfill its committment to something called the UN Millennnium Project. The moppets trotted out the usual shibboleths the transnationalists like to talk up--"poverty," "empowering women," etc.--and insisted that kids their age must--must!--get together and do something to bring about, you guessed it, "change".

Chilling stuff. Frankly, I'd prefer if kids their age devoted themselves to kid stuff--going to school, playing games and sports, acting goofy, having fun. I'd also like the UN, an organization that pretends to be a fount of world virtue but that's in the hands of the bad guys for whom "Trash/Get Rid of Israel" is number one on their to-do list, to lay off our kids.

But, hey, that's just me. No doubt tons of Canadians think propagandizing children on behalf of a cockamamie UN project for the sake of "change" is a wonderful thing to do.

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