Monday, July 19, 2010

Smoke Gets in Her Eyes (Not)

Hamas, a regime of sharia-loving control freaks (yes, I realize that's redundant) is cracking down on female hookah aficionadas in Gaza cafes--for the best of reasons, natch:
The ban is the most recent attempt by Hamas, the hard-line Islamic group that controls Gaza, to improve moral standards. Recently, “Western” hairstyles were banned in Iran, and earlier this year, one Islamic cleric in Iran claimed scantily clad women cause earthquakes. In some parts of Africa under the control of Muslim extremist groups, watching the World Cup was also prohibited, and people caught would be executed or put in jail because it was seen as a Western distraction from the pursuit of holy jihad.
Selling alcohol was also banned in Gaza in 2007, which left smoking hookah pipes as an important and popular pastime.
One musn't criticize such bald-faced misogyny, however, because that would violate the spirit of multiculti relativism acceptance of all cultural practices (except Jewish/Israeli ones, of course).

Free, free hookah chicks!

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